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What is the Best Powder Brush

A powder brush is a makeup brush that every single makeup user should own. It’s essential for using setting powders that will help the rest of your makeup last to it’s longest potential. The best powder brush will work with loose, and compact powders, grabbing the product and letting go when the brush touches your face. Here are some great powder brushes that are soft, gentle, and do the job right.


Real Techniques Powder Brush

Like every brush from Real Techniques, this powder brush is inexpensive, but still incredibly high quality. The hand-cut bristles are 100% cruelty-free, and ultra plush. You can use this brush everyday without any shedding. The brush is really large, so it’s easy to sweep the entire face with powder quickly. This is the best large powder brush to pick up, and evenly distribute product all over the face. The handle is self-standing, so storage is easy whether you want to place it on a counter, or tuck it away in a makeup case.


Sigma Large Powder Brush

This brush has a large and soft, rounded shape that will create even powder application all over the face. Use it to distribute and blend the powder product onto your face or onto your body. With this brush, you’ll be able to lightly dust the product on so that you can build up coverage. Not only does this brush work wonderfully, it feel amazing against the skin too. It’s easily one of the best powder brushes around.


Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush

This powder brush from Too Faced is made from teddy bear hair that feels soft and luxurious. It will grab and blend powder product, leaving you with an airbrush finish. You can use this brush with finishing powder, but it also works great with bronzers and blush. All powders will go on evenly without leaving the makeup caked on in certain spots. This brush won’t shed while you’re using it or when you wash it, even after years of use.


Beauty Junkees Round Top Kabuki Brush

This round kabuki brush is ideal for use with powders, but it works well when used with liquids and creams if necessary. It’s soft and gentle to the touch and it’s a good powder brush for achieving sheer or full coverage. The rounded tip is great because it makes it easy to reach into all those hard to reach areas on the face. The bristles on this brush are incredibly dense, so it will hold tons of makeup. This could be a problem for those who want to build coverage, but once you adjust to the density, it’s the best face powder brush. You won’t need much to achieve total coverage with this one.


Bdellium Tools Large Natural Powder Brush

The soft natural fiber bristles of this brush are treated in an antibacterial agent for ultimate skin protection. It’s very large and gentle, so it’s the best powder brush for sensitive skin. You can use this brush to sweep on powders and also use it for blending. It cleans up easily, and the handle is a great length for using it comfortably.