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What is the Best Liquid Foundation Brush?

Liquid foundation can be a pain in the butt to put on. All sorts of problems arise, like streaky application, poor blending, and a finish that doesn’t look very natural. The best liquid foundation brush will do a brilliant job eliminating these common mistakes and leave you with a flawless finish. Here are some great options.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
This is an amazing brush for liquid foundation, and it may just be one of the best brushes for the face around. It’s one of the most raved about brushes on the internet, and with good reason. With the expert face brush, you’ll get an even, streak free application of foundation. The brush is dense, yet soft. It buffs the foundation into the skin beautifully, and you can use it for stippling as well. The shape of the brush allows it to get into all the hard to reach areas like around the eyes and nose. When your makeup application is finished, you’ll be left with perfect skin and not a blemish in sight.


Sigma F60 Foundation Brush
This is a firm, flat brush that is slightly tapered, allowing for a very smooth application of foundation. The bristles on a sigma brush are always excellent. It will hold the foundation and spread it onto the skin perfectly, without any streaks. With this brush you’ll be able to fill and cover up pores for a smooth finish. The brush is also very easy to clean up, which is a definite perk since liquid foundation can be messy.


Bdellium Tools Professional Kabuki Brush
The Bdellium Tools kabuki brush has bristles that have been treated with an antibacterial agent that will keep skin in good condition. The size of the brush is perfect to use all over the face for applying and buffing makeup. You can even use it for a bit of light contouring. The bristles are soft, but firm enough to handle liquid foundation well. It blends the makeup into the skin perfectly. When it’s time for a clean up, washing the brush won’t cause any unwanted shedding.


Revlon Foundation brush
Revlon’s foundation brush has natural hair bristles that are soft and silky. The brush is thick and wide, so it’s good for a quick and smooth application and blending of foundation. You can use a use this to get full face coverage with no streaks and cakiness. Working with this brush feels comfortable and natural because the handle is a nice long size.