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What is the Best Lipstick Palette?

Grabbing an awesome lip palette is a least expensive way to widen your lip color options and eliminate an endless collection of lipstick tubes. If you like to change your lip color all the time, and don’t need full sized tubes for each color, a lip palette is the perfect thing to add to your cosmetics collection. These are also fantastic for anyone who travels a ton and needs to bring their makeup along while still conserving space. Here are some great options available for reasonable prices.


Graftobian HD Super Lip Palette

This lip color palette is designed to be used by makeup artists who work on photoshoots and movie sets, so the colors here are high quality. You get 18 professional colors, each of which is long lasting and durable. The pigmentation of the colors is truly gorgeous and there are enough shades here to go with any occasion or skin color. This is the best lipstick palette for a variety of high-quality, highly pigmented lip colors.

Each lipstick is really creamy. Only a little bit of product is needed to glide right on to the lip and give a full splash of color. There’s a good amount of product in each of the pans, so it’s well worth the price tag. On the inside is a huge mirror that’s convenient for applying lip product on the go, but you can also use the mirror as a mixing palettes for combining colors and creating your own shades. If you take a liking to a particular color, you can order it separately from Graftobian. The only downside for this is that there’s no lip brush included. However, once you get really into lip colors, you’re probably going to want to invest in a good one anyway. [Buy it here]


Coastal Scents 32 Lip Color Palette

Coastal Scents is amazing. They continuously offer high quality products at affordable prices. This is the best lip palette with a large amount of colors. It has 32 incredible lip shades that can be blended together to create new colors. Since there are a lot of colors, some of them may seem impractical, but when combined with another color they will create something useable and lovely. Each color is nicely pigmented, like most Coastal Scents products, and they’re true to the colors you see in the pot. The only bad thing about this set is that the formula can be a bit drying, but this can be easily fixed by wearing a lip balm underneath.

Overall this is a wonderful lipstick color palette for those who are new to makeup or lip products, or for anyone who wants to experiment with different lip colors. [Buy it here]


BH Cosmetics Lip Gloss Palette

This palette comes with 32 pigmented colors. Aside from a couple of the glosses, the pigmentation on each is really good. This palette is pretty similar to the one from coastal scents, however I personally think the colors in this palette are a bit nicer, so it’s definitely the best cheap lipstick palette. But since these are basically the same price with the same amount of colors, it’s really all down to a matter of personal preferences.

There’s a good variety of colors included here, with good usability and mixing capability. The consistency of most of these is very smooth and non-drying. The wear time, on the other hand, is only about 3 or so hours. This isn’t the best for an all day look, especially if you plan on drinking and having snacks, and carrying the case around may be a bit cumbersome. [Buy it here]


Nyx Lip Gloss Palette

You can find these sold separately but this awesome set includes 2 of these lip gloss palettes for one low price. The pigmentation on these is awesome. They’re as pigmented as a lipstick would be. In fact, the texture of this is close to a creamy lipstick than it is to a lip gloss. It feels very smooth and hydrating. Since the pigmentation is so good, you won’t have to use a lot of product before it shows up, but even if you do, each pot comes with a generous amount anyway. The glosses do have a fruity scent that may bother some, but if you’re okay with fragrances, it really shouldn’t be an issue.

This is perfect for traveling because the size of each palette is small enough that you can pop them into your hand bag and carry it around. This is especially good because the lasting power of these is not that great, and you’re going to want to have the palette on hand for touch ups. There’s a brush included in the set, but it’s pretty much useless, so you’re better off using your own to really get the most out of these colors. [Buy it here]



Japonesue Lip Palette Kit

This palette is the perfect way to put all those old, used lipsticks that have reached the bottom of the tube to use, and avoid throwing away perfectly good product. Simply melt down your lipsticks and transfer them into the nice portable compact. Depotting lipsticks is a really fun project for makeup lovers, and this is the perfect thing for that. The case itself is really high quality and small enough to bring along on the go. [Buy it here]