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What is the Best Eyeshadow Palette?

There shouldn’t be a makeup bag (or drawer) without a great eyeshadow palette. A good eyeshadow palette will include everything you need to create dozens of looks. There’s a palette out there for everyone whether you like bold, wild looks, or makeup that is more subtle and natural. On this list you’ll find some of the top eyeshadow palettes from the most loved brands. There’s everything from colors that are vibrant to versatile or colors that work in the day or night. Pick your favorites or pick multiple favorites. I won’t tell.

Best Eyeshadow Palettes


Lorac Unzipped Palette
This neutral palette from Lorac includes 10 warm colors that have been created to flatter all skin tones. This palette is often compared to the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, however I would say this one is warmer and more neutral. If you’ve been put off by the pinkness of the Naked 3 palette, you may find that this one is more wearable.

With this palette, you get a mix of matte shades and shimmers that are long lasting. The texture is very soft and blendable. Even without a primer, you should be able to get a good 8 hours or so of wear. These colors are all very easy to use together, even for those who wouldn’t consider themselves masters at blending. You don’t need to be a makeup artist to create a beautiful look with the Unzipped palette. [Buy it here]


Kat Von D True Romance
Kat Von D’s True Romance palettes come in several varieties that will let you create looks that are natural or super vampy and sexy. All of the palettes include eight eye shadows and a travel sized eyeliner. The colors are intensely pigmented and they won’t fade away, crease, or smudge. Using the shadows is a dream because they’re all so buttery and blendable. You also won’t get any fallout, even from the more shimmery shades.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from these because they are all gorgeous, but if I had to choose, I’d have to say my favorite is Ladybird, with Saint in close second.

It looks as though these aren’t available from Sephora anymore, however you can still grab them all from Amazon.


Urban Decay Naked 3
It’s no surprise that the newest Naked palette form Urban Decay made the cut. This palette is simply gorgeous. In it, there are 12 full sized eyeshadows in rose golds, pinks, and browns. In addition to the shadows, you also get a soft, double-sided brush.

All of the colors are stunning and they can be used alone, or combined together to create an infinite range of looks. There’s a mixture of shimmers, glitters, and mattes, so if you like a more glitzy yet still neutral look, this is a really good palette choice, especially if you don’t want to go all out and get a glitter eyeshadow palette.

Each shadow is highly pigmented. Creating beautiful looks is easy because the shadows are all very soft and blendable. A look created with the Naked 3 palette will last you all day, especially if you pair it with a primer. You won’t get any fading or creasing with these. [Buy it here]

Best Cheap Eyeshadow Palette


e.l.f. 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette
These are by far some of the most inexpensive eyeshadow palettes that you can get your hands on. There are three varieties: Bright, Natural, and Warm. I would definitely say that this is the best eyeshadow palette for beginners because you can easily buy all 3 of the palettes and use them for learning and experimenting with a large variety of colors, without regretting having ruined a high end makeup palette.

But these are also just great for those of us who don’t want to spend a fortune on eyeshadow. Of course, with e.l.f. you’re not going to get comparable pigmentation and wear to the more expensive eyeshadow palettes. Some of the darker colors are kind of chalky, even after you build them up. You should definitely use these with a good primer to eliminate creases and get longer wear out of them. But at the price of $6 per palette, you really can’t go wrong with getting one and trying it out for yourself. [Buy it here]


Nyx Cosmetics 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette
These awesome little palettes are travel friendly but still include 10 colors, which is more than enough to create lots of looks. There’s 12 different sets to choose from in bright colors, neutral colors, and everything in between. Each palette has a nice big mirror on the inside. I think overall the eyeshadows from Nyx are better quality than the ones from e.l.f. The darker colors are a lot more pigmented and you’ll be able to blend them with minimal fallout. [Buy it here]

Best Everyday Eyeshadow Palette


Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette
Here’s a palette that has something that none of the other ones do: It smells like chocolate. Why wouldn’t you want to use this all the time? The palette includes sixteen matte and frosty colors in beige, deep bronzes, and browns. There’s enough variety in here to create day or night looks. Each shade is made with cocoa powder, which is pretty weird, but that’s what provides it with the delicious scent. Apparently the cocoa powder is supposed to be good for the skin because it’s packed with antioxidants and other Good Things. Who knows how true this is, but it can’t hurt, right?

As for how the shades work on the skin, the texture of all the shadows are very buttery and dense. They all feel very high quality with tons and tons of pigmentation, with the exception of some of the lighter shades which can be a bit on the sheer side. All of the colors complement each other well, so you’ll be able to easily mix and blend to create beautiful looks. This is the best eye makeup palette for candy lovers. In fact, it’s probably the only one for candy overs. [Buy it here]


Stila In the Light Palette
This palette includes 10 lovely neutral shades, 6 of them are shimmer and the other 4 are matte. The color is buildable and blendable, which is certainly useful for doing a wide variety of looks. The texture is soft and the shades are pretty pigmented, but the dark shades are a little less opaque, which is actually good because you can build to darkness rather than having a color that is dark right off the bat. You can also wear all of the shades wet or dry. When worn wet, you get a pigmentation that is even more deep.

Aside from the shades, this palette also includes a Stilla Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner, which works very well with these shadows. It even includes a little book that will show you step-by-step how to create different looks. That’ll give you a pretty good starting point if you’re not ready to experiment on your own. [Buy it here]

Best Bright Eyeshadow Palette


Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette
If you adore bright shadows, then this is the best colorful eyeshadow palette available right now. The Electric Pressed Pigment Palette from Urban Decay includes 10 shades of bold color that are all ultra pigmented and vibrant. Unlike some other neon palettes that tend to be dry and chalky, this palette has a texture that is soft, smooth and easy to work with. You’ll even get a good long wear time out of all these eye-popping colors. Because they’re are so bold, some of the colors do leave a bit of staining on the eyelids, but it’s nothing that a good eye makeup remover won’t be able to take care of. Along with the wonderful shadows, this palette also includes a dual ended brush. [Buy it here]

Best Large Eyeshadow Palette


Shany Ultimate Fusion 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette
This is an inexpensive, huge eyeshadow palette with colors ranging from neons to naturals. There’s something here for every look. The case these shadows come in is foldable and there’s a layer of protection between everything to keep it all tidy. The shadows themselves are really pigmented. The shimmer colors seem to have a bit more pigmentation than the matte colors. One downside is that you do have to be gentle with them as some of the colors can be crumbly. A lot of people have compared Shany shadows to Mac eyeshadows. I’m not entirely sure if I’d go that far, but this is a great palette, especially at the price point and for the amount of variety you get. [Buy it here]


Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette
With so many different palettes on the market, it’s hard to say if this is the biggest eyeshadow palette available, but it’s pretty darn gigantic. Because there are so many different colors and the price is so low, this could be the best beginner eyeshadow palette for someone who wants endless practice possibilities. Most of the colors are highly pigmented, blendable, and long lasting. They are pigmented enough that most of the colors show up nicely on darker skin as well. Like the Shany palette, the shimmers in this one are the most pigmented with the mattes being hit or miss. The quality of the shadows depends on each particular color, with some being very buttery and smooth and others more on the chalky side. However the variety is so expansive that if you find you’re unhappy with the texture of one color, there will be another color similar enough that will work better. [Buy it here]