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What is the Best Eyeliner Brush

With the proper tools, anyone can create the perfect line on their eyes. A brush can help you achieve a soft finish or a bold line. There’s a brush for any look, and most of them will do multiple amazing things and work with all kinds of eyeliner products. Here are some great brushes that will help you take your lines to the next level.

Best Eyeliner Brushes


Stila Precision Eyeliner Brush
This long handled brush from Stila is the perfect eyeliner brush for achieving a precise and well defined line. The bristles are soft and they hold up well to lots of use. You won’t end up with a brush that that has bristles sticking out everywhere, making it impossible to use. The brush can be used for getting a thick or thin line with gel or cream eyeliners. It’s also a good eyeliner brush to use for applying eyeshadow as a liner. You can use the brush wet or dry to achieve the desired look and effect. [Buy it here]


Japonesque Pro Flat Eyeliner Brush
The Flat Eyeliner Brush from Japonesque has an elongated handle and tightly compacted bristles that will help you achieve professional results. The bristles will maintain their shape for long lasting use. You can use this brush to create sleek, smooth lines with no smudges using gel, liquid, or powder eyeliners. The flat shape of the brush is perfect for all kinds of techniques, and it’s also a great tool for people who have shaky hands or difficulty creating straight lines. [Buy it here]


Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
The Real Techniques Fine Liner is a great inexpensive brush option for precise application of gels, creams and liquid eyeliners. Even though this is a thin eyeliner brush, you can use it to create fine or thick lines and it’s perfect for creating a nice wing. The brush cleans easily and it doesn’t have any stray hairs that render it useless. This brush is really good for people who are not great at applying eyeliner. You’ll be able to apply just the right amount of product and have full control over the look you’re going for. [Buy it here]

Best Angled Eyeliner Brush


Nars Angled Eyeliner Brush
This is a newish brush from Nars that works great with gels and creams. Application along the lash line is smooth and precise, helping to create a defined eye. It’s also a great brush for creating a winged look. [Buy it here]


Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush
An eyeliner brush with a bent shape allows you to see exactly what you’re doing as you apply your eyeliner, and this brush does just that. You can use this brush with creams, liquids and shadows along the lash line and the inner rim. It’s also great for getting the inner eye without obstructing your vision. This is the best bent eyeliner brush for beginners. It’s easy to control and create a line that is thick or thin. [Buy it here]

Best Gel Eyeliner Brush


Sigma Small Eye Liner Brush
This is a favorite amongst many for using with all kinds of eyeliners, but most especially, with gels. This is the best brush for gel eyeliner because the tip is thin and precise. It’s amazing at creating a natural line that will look like you’re not even wearing any eyeliner, but there will be noticeable enhancement to your eyes. Even though this brush is amazing for creating the thinnest lines you can also use it to create thick lines and wings. It’s really versatile. The stiffness of the brush makes picking up gel liners a breeze too. [Buy it here]