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What is the Best Eyebrow Brush

Perfectly shaped brows can completely change the appearance of your face. Plucking and waxing are all good ways to get your brows into shape, but there’s more to maintenance than just subtracting hairs. Using the best eyebrow brush is the greatest way to fill, shade, and create definition. Here are some amazing brushes that will help you transform your face.


Mac Cosmetics Angled Brow Brush

The bristles on this brush are made from a blend of high quality, synthetic and natural fibers. The handle is wooden with nickel plated brass. It’s easy to clean, and since it’s a Mac brush, you can expect this one to be with you for many years. The angled tip makes it perfect for applying powder, liquid, or cream to the brow. Use it to define your brows or fill them in. This is the best angled eyebrow brush to help you create an eyebrow that looks completely natural.


Japoneque Pro Angled Brush for Eyebrows

This brush has stiff bristles that help provide complete control. The long handle length also allows for precise application and makes this brush very comfortable to hold. The brush can be used with powder, pencil, or cream to add color and shade. Use the angled tip to create definition at the arch of the brow. The size is perfect for achieving fine tips. This brush is durable. It will last through intense daily usage.


Paula Dorf Eyebrow Makeup Brush

Many makeup artists recommend Paula Dorf brushes because they’re  amazing. The bristles are high-quality, natural hair. This particular brow brush is firm, and the angle is designed for the perfect fit to brows of any shape. The bristles are soft and not scratchy, yet still firm enough that it will precisely deposit color onto the brows. This is the best brush for eyebrows with sparse areas that need to be filled to perfection.


Stila Eyebrow Brush

This is a long handled, professional brush with stiff bristles that give maximum control. The bristles are made from soft, synthetic taklon fiber. Use this to create and define your eyebrows. Blending it all in becomes a simple task. You won’t be left with brows that have hard, unnatural lines. This is a strong brush that you’ll be using for years. It’s absolutely worth the investment if you love gorgeous brows.


Bare Escentuals Angled Brow Brush

This brush is made from a mix of taklon fiber and goat hair. It will keep its shape, even after use and washing. The brush feels very lightweight when handling, and the length is great for complete control. Everything about it is wonderful, from the size, to the angle, to the stiffness. If you’re looking for the best brow brush for powders, this is it.