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What is the Best Blush Brush?

Using blush to put color on your cheeks it the easiest way to add a healthy glow to your appearance. A lot of people struggle with applying blush in a way that looks natural and not clownish. A good blush brush will help with this. With a blush brush you can have complete control over the amount of blush added, and you’ll be able to blend it into the skin flawlessly. The best brush for blush is a brush that is multifunctional. It will apply your blush impeccably, but also allow you to complete other makeup jobs, making them well worth the money.

Best Blush Brushes


Sigma Powder/Blush Brush

This powder brush from sigma is made from soft, natural hair. It’s slightly beveled and small enough for perfect application of product onto the cheeks. This is a good blush brush because you’ll get precise placement of your powder blush and you’ll be able to control the amount of blush that you add on to your cheeks.  It does a phenomenal job of blending and smoothing out hard edges.

The brush is definitely multipurpose and you should be able to use it for a number of things outside of just blush. It’s pretty good for applying and blending bronzers. It’ll also work just fine when used with powder highlighter. [Buy it here]


Real Techniques Blush Brush

Don’t be fooled by the size of this large brush. It may look big at first glance, but this blusher brush will fit nicely against the cheek and apply shadow like a dream. When it comes to affordability, there’s no question that this is the best blush brush for the job. The bristles on this brush are so soft that you’re probably going to want to stroke it a lot and rub it all over your face, even when you’re not doing your makeup.

Not just soft, the bristles on this brush are densely packed so they pick up the perfect amount of blush and then you can use it to flawlessly contour, define, and blend color into the cheeks. You’ll be able to buff out the blush in a way that leaves you with an amazingly natural look.

Because this brush is pretty huge, it’s great for using all over with face powder. You can also use it with bronzer. This brush washes really well. It’ll air dry quickly and bounce right back into shape. [Buy it here]


Japoneque Pro Blush Brush

This brilliantly soft brush is essential for applying blush as well as loose powders and  bronzers. It’s great with highlighting, contouring, and blending. Applying blush is quick and easy thanks to the large round shape and the density of the bristles.

This is the best brush for applying blush because of how perfectly it distributes color. Color goes on so nicely that you won’t even have to spend too much time blending it out, even though it does that really well too. With this blush brush. you’ll never have to worry about putting on too much color. Everything goes on evenly, even with the most pigmented of blushes. [Buy it here]


Makeup Forever Double Ended Sculpting Brush

This is the ultimate brush that does it all for your face. The Makeup Forever sculpting brush is a dual purpose brush with a rounded end and an angled end. These two brushes will allow you to perfectly sculpt your face using highlighter, bronzer, and blush. You can even use it to finish off your makeup with a setting powder.

Use the round side of the brush for applying highlighter and blush and use the angled brush for defining and contouring the face. This is one of the best brushes for blush because it’s so versatile and multifunctional. The price may be high, but you really are getting your money’s worth with this one.

The bristles are made from synthetic fiber and they feel really soft and luxurious against the skin. Blush will go on seamlessly and blend in perfectly. [Buy it here]


EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush

Not every blush brush has to be a major investment. This brush is ideal for anyone on a tighter budget. It’s made with hand cut bristles that feel amazingly soft. If you didn’t already see the price, you’d think this was a high-end makeup brush.

The tapered shape of the brush will give you complete control over the application and blending of your blush. It’ll also pick up the perfect amount of product and distribute it so you don’t end up with one spot of highly packed color on your face. For the price, you’d think that this brush probably wouldn’t be something to keep in your collection forever, however these things really do hold up. As long as you wash and maintain the brush, it should last several years. There’s no shedding from washing and it’ll bounce right back into shape when it dries. [Buy it here]

Best Cream Blush Brush

Cream blush is wonderful because it gives skin a glow that is luminous and dewey. Instead of using your fingers to dab it on, which we’ve all been guilty of at some point, use a brush to get better control of the color and a final result that looks more natural.


e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush
Like always, the brushes from e.l.f. are inexpensive and their studio brushes are really good quality. This brush works great with dry or cream products. The small shape make it perfect for dabbing and blending cream blush into the cheeks. It will buff color into the skin effortlessly so you end up with a finish that is streak free and sheer. This is the best brush for cream blush because of how well it applies and blends the color naturally into the skin, and for such a wonderful price too! [Buy it here]