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What are the Best Mineral Makeup Brushes?

Mineral makeup is loved by many because it’s great for the skin, however switching over to the fine, dusty substance can be daunting for those with little experience. Using too much product or not being able to grab any on to the brush are just a few of the problems you could run into. It doesn’t all have to be intimidating though. When it comes to applying your mineral makeup in a way that looks natural, it all comes down to a good brush with the right shape and fibers, rather than a high price tag or name brand. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you on track without the struggle.

What to look for in a mineral makeup brush

Kabuki brushes are the absolute best when it comes to mineral makeup application. A flat top kabuki brush provides the best coverage overall. This is because it deposits the mineral makeup particles densely on to the skin.

Alternatively, there are also dome top kabuki brushes which are wonderful for other reasons. A dome top kabuki brush will provide a more natural finish with less coverage because the makeup deposits from the brush are more subtle.

As for the bristle type, there is a lot of debate on which is best. Some have a preference to the application that comes from a synthetic brush, however it is general agreed that natural brushes are the best for picking up, holding, and distributing the mineral powder in a natural way. They pick up the perfect amount of mineral makeup for building up coverage.

Regardless of whether you go natural, or synthetic, it’s important to keep these general rules about brush density in mind. A brush that has denser bristles will provide more coverage while a brush with looser bristles will give you a sheer, more natural finish.

The best brushes for mineral makeup

Not only are the brushes on this list excellent, but they’re super inexpensive. That leaves you with extra money to spend on your mineral powders. Awesome.


Sigma F80

You’ll run into this brush on a lot of ‘best of’ lists, and that’s because it’s incredible at applying all kinds of makeup, and that includes mineral foundations and powders. Looking over the description for this one, you may see that it’s recommended for use with creams or liquids, but most agree that the shape and density of this brush make it awesome for applying dry, mineral makeup.

Skin sensitivity is a big reason for switching over to mineral makeup, but you’ll often find that getting a brush that’ll be just as gentle to the face can be quite a task. The Bristles on the Sigma F80 are ultra soft and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. The brush has a dense, flat head that is perfect for buffing in your foundation, leaving you with an airbrushed finish. Overall this might be the best mineral foundation brush for sensitive skin.

Mineral application aside, the actual quality of the brush is wonderful. Sigma brushes are comparable to high end brushes at a much lower price point. It’s also long lasting and durable. You won’t get any shedding from use or when washing.



EcoTools Mineral Makeup Brush Set

EcoTools is one of the greatest brush brands around when it comes to low cost and high quality. This set comes with 4 brushes and a case, all specifically designed to be used for applying mineral makeup with a natural finish. In the set you get a powder brush, a mini kabuki brush, a concealer brush, and an eye shadow shading brush. Each brush is soft and sturdy. Some claim that they prefer these brushes to the ones from BareMinerals. Not only are they top quality, but they’re also environmentally friendly, made from bamboo and recycled aluminum.




bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush

You can’t have a list of the best mineral makeup brushes without one from the mother of mineral makeup products. This brush from bareMinerals provides medium to full coverage for a natural and seamless look. It’s super soft and easy on the skin. Cleanup is a breeze and it’ll hold its shape nicely afterwards. Since this brush was designed for mineral makeup, it holds he product and releases it on to the skin just as you’d want it to. It’s also incredibly easy to tap off excess makeup so that you’re applying just the right amount.

There are several complaints that this brush will last for only under a year before it begins to shed and lose hairs. However, it’s still a really inexpensive brush, and if you like to purchase fresh brushes regularly, this may actually be a good thing.



Beauty Junkees Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

Like EcoTools, Beauty Junkees is another brand that offers wonderful brushes at a low price. This set comes with 5 awesome, versatile kabuki brushes with dense bristles and nice, sturdy handles. The soft bristles pick up just the right amount of product allowing for perfect application of the minerals, spreading the powder evenly across the face without any caking. The best part is there are several shapes and styles of brushes for getting any job done. This is also a great way to experiment with different kabuki styles if you want to get a taste for them before going for a more expensive investment brush.



Simply Essentials Flat Top Kabuki Brush

This is a lesser known brush brand comparable, and sometimes even better than bareMinerals. The brushes from Simply Essentials are dense and soft, yet still firm. The bristles will continue to feel great even after long use and multiple washings. These brushes will apply mineral powder  smoothly. The makeup will be easily and evenly distributed on to the face from the brush. What more could you ask for? The inexpensive price doesn’t hurt either.