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What are the Best Makeup Brush Brands?

We all want the best when it comes to our makeup and that includes the tools we use to apply it. The best makeup brush brands include a range of brushes that won’t leave hairs behind on your face or fall apart when you wash them. The brushes should hold the makeup but also allow it to transfer smoothly onto the skin. Brushes from good makeup brush brands will last. Here are some of the best money can buy.

Real Techniques

Real techniques is a personal favorite here at Brilliant Brushes. This brand was created by makeup artist beauty bloggers who understand the needs of the average makeup user. All the Real Techniques makeup brushes are color coded so that you’ll never be confused about what each brush is for. Pink is for finish, yellow is for base, and purple is for the eyes. All of the brushes are made from synthetic bristles and they’re completely cruelty free.

Real Techniques brushes are amazing for any kind of makeup from powders to creams to liquids. Using them is a breeze too, even if you have no experience with makeup brushes. That’s because there are great how to videos that accompany each brush and brush set.  This is one of the best makeup brush brands for beginners and experts alike.


Favorite brush set: Core Collection Set


Sigma Beauty is a good brand of makeup brushes that offers an endless selection of brushes. You can buy your favorites individually or get a huge set that includes everything you’ll ever need. The collections are endless, ranging from vegan brushes to travel friendly brushes. The quality of Sigma brushes is exceptional, even for their lower priced products. Sigma is the best brush brand for makeup hobbyists and professionals

Pretty much every Sigma brush is soft and nice to work with. The products you use won’t absorb into the bristles. Each brush comes with a description, so you know exactly the best way to use it.


Favorite brush set: Essential Kit

Coastal Scents

Much like Sigma, Coastal Scents is a good makeup brushes brand that offers wide range of brush sets and individual brushes. The main difference is they are quite a bit cheaper. You’ll be able to find large sets of brushes for only about $30, some even less. They’re the top makeup brushes brand in terms of affordability. In addition to brushes, Coastal Scents offers great brush care products, like brush guards and brush shampoo.

Make sure to check the brush reviews before buying since the quality will vary depending on the brush. Some are great and soft and some are a bit on the scratchy side. Brushes come in natural hair or with synthetic bristles.


Favorite brush set: 22 Piece Brush Set


e.l.f. is a good brand for makeup brushes if you’re looking for the least expensive brushes around. The thing that sets them apart from other inexpensive brands is that their brushes are actually really good quality. e.l.f. offers a line of basic brushes that are only $1 a piece and they often have tons of sales that drive the prices even lower. The studio line brushes are only $3 each and they’re even better quality than the basic brushes.

e.l.f. brushes would be my ultimate recommendation for anyone just starting out with makeup brushes. They come in sets or you can buy them individually.


Favorite brush set: Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection



Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk brushes not only work well, but they look really stylish too. They come in different designs and shapes, and if you’re lucky enough, you may be able to catch one of the limited edition collections, which are always gorgeous.

These brushes can be purchased at basically any target for a moderate price. They’re high quality, durable, and they feel amazing on the skin. Many of the brushes pick up powders really well if powder is your jam. You can purchase from a mix of natural and synthetic bristle brushes.


Shany offers tons of inexpensive brush sets for all needs in synthetic or natural hair. They dry really fast after washing with little to no shedding. Their kits come with a large variety of brushes and they’re a great way to expand your collection without breaking budget.


Favorite brush set: NY Collection Pro Brush Kit

Willing to Splurge?


Bobbi Brown

These brushes are definitely more expensive than anything I’ve talked about so far but they’re really great. If you’re a more advanced makeup user, you may want to spend a little bit more money on the good stuff. The only downside of Bobbi Brown brushes is that you have to buy them individually since there is only one brush set offered at the moment. This is fine if you want to spend a little on your favorite brushes, but terrible if you want to save some money buying everything together in a set.

Many people believe that Bobbi Brown brushes are even better than the ones from Mac.



Mac brushes are the holy grail of makeup brushes. Many makeup aficionados swear that they are the best brand for makeup brushes and won’t choose anything else. Mac uses animal hair bristles, but they’re cruelty free, trimmed and groomed from live animals. These brushes are expensive, at a comparable price to the Bobbi Brown brushes. However, the price is worth it because Mac brushes are so good that they’ll last many years and you won’t have to replace them as long as you take care of them. This can’t always be said about the cheaper kind. It’s a good idea to invest in the brushes you know you’ll always use when it comes to a brand like Mac.

You can’t go wrong purchasing from any of these brands. Look through all the products and decide on your favorites. The best thing is, you don’t have to be loyal to one brand. Mix and match your brushes and have fun.