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What are the Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes?

There are a lot of brushes to choose from when you walk into a drugstore. The problem with drugstore makeup brushes, though, is most of the products are packaged and you don’t get a chance to try before you buy. Because of this, you may decide to pass on those low prices because how can something so cheap be so good? And dammit why can’t I touch it first?

While yes, some drugstore brushes are awful, hard and scratchy, some of them are actually pretty great. Here are some of the best drugstore makeup brushes to keep an eye out for the next time you’re out shopping or browsing the web.

The name says it all. Ecotools is a brand of cruelty free, eco friendly brushes. the handles are made from bamboo, the aluminum is recycled, and even the cases the brushes come in are made from recycled materials. The bristles are synthetic. Most Ecotools brushes are soft and gentle. They’re pretty nice to work with, and the prices are definitely affordable. The best drugstore makeup brush set is sure to come from ecotools as well.


Try the retractable kabuki

Nyx is beloved for their low prices and great products, so it’s unsurprising that they have some of the best drugstore brushes around. The bristles of Nyx brushes are soft and the handles are light weight, making them very comfortable to use. Nyx brushes usually won’t be the least expensive brushes around, but they’re reasonably priced at around $4-$15 a piece. Some of the brushes go beyond excellent. The best ones are soft in a way that is perfect. Not too rigid, but not so soft that it’s a useless feather duster. Nyx prints the number and name of the brushes on the side to help you identify each one.


Try the eyeliner brush

I talk about e.l.f. again and again and that’s because of their wonderful prices and great products. For the price of these brushes, you’d expect them to completely fall apart after one use, but that’s not the case. Some of my e.l.f. brushes have been going strong for well over a year. The studio line brushes feel professional and some of them are really dense, making them perfect for picking up powders and liquids. The most well loved brush is the powder brush. This brush has a flat top that is surprisingly perfect for foundation and buffing. If you can find them on location, you’ll be able to get the best drugstore brush set: The 11 piece studio brush collection. It’s simply amazing.


Try the studio line powder brush

Revlon’s brushes can be hit or miss but a lot of them are really good drugstore makeup brushes. They’re long lasting and won’t shed too much. Particularly their eye brushes, which lift powders very well. A lot of them are perfect for creating soft lines and blending away hard edges of shadow.


Try the smokey eye brush

Studio 35
Studio 35 brushes are perfect for any budget makeup shopper. They offer a great ranges of brushes that work well with mineral makeup as well as regular makeup. You can find some of their brush sets for under $10, which is perfect for any brush newbie. The biggest fear that people have when purchasing brushes from the drugstore is opening the package and realizing the brushes are hard and unusable. Fortunately, the Studio 35 brushes don’t fit into that category. They’re soft and hold up well. They’re a perfect alternative to more expensive brushes.

Try the mineral makeup brushes.