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What are the Benefits of Mineral Makeup?

mineral makeup benefits

You hear about mineral makeup all the time. You’ve heard about how good it is for the skin. You’ve heard that it’s totally natural, and of course natural always means better, right? But what exactly are the details behind why mineral makeup is constantly praised. What makes it that good and is it really better than other types of cosmetics? Let’s have a look.

What is it? What the heck is in it?

Mineral makeup is made from exactly what you’d think: minerals. In it you’ve got stuff like iron oxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and other good things. You’re nodding your head because all of that sounds very healthy, but what exactly are these ingredients?

Iron Oxide
Iron oxide is commonly used as a natural way to bring color to cosmetics. It’s good for you because it’s non-toxic and moisture resistant.

Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide is good for the skin overall. It has natural UV protection, skin healing properties, and reduces skin irritation and inflammation.

Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide is another mineral that works as a UV protector.

You’ll find other good for you minerals, but it’ll vary between brands and products. It’s always best to check the ingredients before making a purchase to get the full low down.

All of these minerals and ingredients are ground together into teeny tiny particles to create the makeup.

What really makes mineral makeup stand out from the rest is not so much what’s in it as much as what’s not in it. Mineral makeup is free of preservatives and anything that would create a fragrance. It’s oil free, wax free, chemical dye free and generally free of anything that might cause skin irritation.

Mineral makeup benefits

Let’s break down all of the things you can expect from your mineral makeup, both in health and appearance.

Mineral makeup isn’t a cure for acne, but it certainly can help acne prone skin. Because mineral makeup is so gentle on the skin, you aren’t adding things to your acne which could irritate it and cause further breakouts. Ingredients like zinc oxide help create a soothing feeling to inflammation. The ingredients in mineral makeup also don’t clog pores, which will help eliminate the chances of breakouts from using makeup.

Natural sun protection
While mineral makeup should never replace using sun screen, ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide do protect the skin from UV rays and act as a natural sunscreen.

Sensitive skin
Because mineral makeup has no irritants, and even soothing properties, it’s the ideal makeup for people who have sensitive skin.

Oily skin
Mineral makeup is completely oil free so you won’t be adding additional oils if your skin already suffers from excess. On top of that, the powdery finish of the makeup can soak up oil and eliminate shine.

Long lasting
Mineral makeup is resistant to heat, rain, and other terrible weather conditions that can completely screw up a perfectly made up face. Unlike some other products, mineral makeup is a lot less likely to melt or rub off. With the right product, you can go the entire day without having to reapply.

Healthy skin, healthy appearance
Not only is mineral makeup good for you, but it just plain makes you look good. It’ll give your skin a glow that makes you look healthier and more youthful. This luminous glow comes from titanium dioxide, which has a high light refraction index. This effect helps to diffuse skin imperfections.

Thanks to the ultra fine consistency of the makeup, one huge benefit of mineral foundation is that it blends in more naturally than its liquid or cream counterparts. Because of this, you get a look that appears as though you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

Mineral makeup is also incredibly light weight, so while you can still get full coverage and hide all blemishes and flaws, it won’t feel as though you’re wearing anything. That lightweight feeling also means your skin is breathing.

Additionally, mineral makeup reduces the appearance of aging by not settling into wrinkles and fine lines.