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Using your Makeup Brushes to Conceal Dark Circles


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Dark circles are a problem that plague so many people. It’s not always a result of not getting enough sleep. Sometimes it’s genetics and the circles won’t go away no matter what. That’s when concealer comes in. Choosing the right concealer and tools can help you disappear your dark circles and give you a brighter appearance.

To start, you want to counteract the bluish color of the undereye circles by using an orange/salmony concealer color. Those with lighter skin should go for a more peachy color. Apply this correction color under the eyes. You’ll be startled and wonder why anyone would want to walk around with orangey eyes, but don’t worry, simply find a skin colored concealer for the next step.

Using a stippling blush, apply your usual concealer over the orange and blend. You should notice that this is more effective in hiding your circles than the skin tone concealer alone because you have cancelled out the blues with the orange.

To brighten your eyes, you can use a concealer that is a bit lighter than your natural skin tone and use it under the eyes. Dot a small amount under the eyes and use your brush again to gently blend and eliminated edges.

The final step is to set the makeup. This part is important because you don’t want your concealer to begin to crease and disappear as the day goes on. Use a powder and your favorite powder brush to apply a small layer of powder underneath your eyes. If you have applied your concealer correctly, your under eye circles should be much less noticeable, or completely gone!