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The Best Lip Brush

Lip brushes are the most underrated brushes around. A lot of people think that they’re unnecessary, because you can apply your lip product right out of the tube, but they’re actually more important than you might think. A lip brush will allow you way more precision and you’ll be able to line your lips so that the color looks neat and fabulous. They’re also essential for layering and controlling the amount of pigment applied to the lips. Layering will also help the lipstick last longer. Here are some of the best lip brushes that will help you transform the way you apply your lip products.


Stila Lip Brush No. 6

The Stila lip brush tops the list because it is hands down the best lipstick brush around. The head  is flat and narrow, the perfect shape for precise lip definition. This brush makes it easy to line the lips with lipstick or lipgloss, and the bristles don’t splay out, so product goes exactly where you want it to go. It’s firm enough to pick up pigment, but also soft enough that it’s not harsh and bristly against you. The brush comes with a protective cover that you can use for traveling around, which is essential for throughout the day touchups. The cap can also be attached to the end of the handle to extend the length of the brush. [Buy it here]


Revlon Covered Lip Brush

Revlon’s brush is the perfect option for anyone looking for a cheap lip brush. Affordable lip brush may be a better term because this brush is anything but cheap in quality. The bristles are ultra soft, so it feels smooth when applied to the lips, but it’s also ultra sturdy, which is exactly what you want for picking up color and applying it in all the right spots. The flat, tapered shape helps with flawless application of lip gloss and lipstick. This brush won’t lose its shape after lots of use or when it’s washed. Like the Stila lip brush, this one has a cover that will protect the brush when traveling, but also doubles as an elongated handle. It’s easily the best drugstore lip brush. [Buy it here]


Sigma Lip Brush

This is a good lip brush made by Sigma with a firm, rounded tip fundamental for precision application. This is a great brush for defining and contouring the lips before filling them with color. The stiffness of the brush helps with creating a nice line around the lips. You’ll have a really tidy application of your lip product if you use this one. This is another brush that has a cover that can be used for elongating the handle. It’s also small enough that you can place it into a makeup bag or pop it in your purse for on the go touch ups. [Buy it here]


Urban Decay Good Karma Lip Brush

Urban Decay Good Karma brushes are fabulous and their  brush for lipstick is one of the best lip brushes around. This is a retractable brush so the bristles come in and out allowing you to carry it around everywhere. It also comes with a cap that, like many lip brushes, can be placed on the end to give a longer handle. It’s interesting that this cap and handle design seems to be so popular with lip brushes but not others. I suppose that has a lot to do with how important portability for these kinds of brushes. Anyway, the brush has a thin, firm shape that will create a smooth line with lipstick or gloss. It’s also fantastic for blending lip pencil lines. [Buy it here]


Bare Escentuals Covered Lip Brush

It’s always nice to find an inexpensive brush that will get the job done right, and this brush is just that kind. Once again, this brush includes a handle that you can extend by attaching the cover. It picks up a thin layer of lipstick so that you can carefully layer on the product until you have the desired amount of pigmentation. The pointed tip on this brush helps create a very clean line. [Buy it here]


Laura Mercier Lip Color Brush

The bristles on this lipstick application brush are finely rounded at the tip with tapered sides. You’ll be able to have ultimate control over your lip color and precision lining. It does an amazing job at applying highly pigmented lip colors. If you don’t want to pack on all the color at once, this brush can be used to apply small layers and tone the color down. The brush is also good for traveling, like many lip brushes, because it can be contained inside the handle. [Buy it here]