The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

It’s always the best to get your makeup done in natural lighting, but let’s face it, not all of us live in the most well lit homes, and every now and then we have to apply our makeup when the sun is down right before a night out. That’s why the best lighted makeup mirrors are those that mimic natural light and allow you to apply your makeup in such a way that you look just as good outdoors as you did when you put it on inside.

The mirrors on this list will help you achieve this and more with magnifying abilities for doing all of that fine detail work and plucking brows. Additionally, all of these vanity mirrors are portable so that you can get the job done absolutely anywhere, whether you enjoy pampering yourself in the bathroom to applying your cosmetics right smack in front of the TV on the living room couch. What? I can’t be the only one who does that!


Conair Natural Daytime Round Lighted Mirror

This mirror has a nice, sleek design that’ll complement any home. The lights are fluorescent, so they’re nice and bright, while preserving energy. The lighting is very close to what you would get when viewing makeup in natural lighting. When you go outdoors, you won’t be surprised by what you see when you pass by any reflective surfaces.

Because the bottom of the mirror is heavy, it’ll never topple over. It also flips around 360 degrees, allowing you to easily switch between the magnified and non-magnified sides. Use the standard side for applying makeup and then flip to the side with 10x magnification for all the jobs that require a closer look. With an 8.5 inch diameter, you’ll be able to view your entire face. The mirror uses a plug to light up. This is great for anyone who would rather not go through tons of batteries, but could be a downside if you don’t have power outlets readily available or in weird locations.



Jerdon Tri-Fold Makeup Vanity with Lights

This vanity mirror from Jergon is simply the best makeup mirror with lights when it comes to being fully adjustable. Not only can you switch between 1x to 5x magnification, but the light settings are fully customizable. Adjust your light to whatever your needs are using the four light settings which include daytime, evening, home and office. Pick one and the color balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Since the mirror folds out into three separate angles you won’t miss a thing. The backstand is also adjustable, allowing you to get the perfect angle no matter how your sit or what surface you place the mirror on. One of the coolest things about this one is that it includes its own electrical outlet. This means you’ll be able to plug in the mirror, but still have available plugs inside the base for any other beauty tools that require electricity. Unfortunately, this is probably the worst looking mirror on the list, but the tradeoff in style is worth it for all of its awesome features.



Floxite Folding Vanity Mirror with Lights

This is the mirror for you if magnifying is more important than lighting. This mirror has lights that are a little bit dimmer than the rest, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want something that is too bright. The magnifying side is scary close at 12x. The nicest part of this mirror is that it folds up into a nice little disk so that you can travel anywhere with it or store it away and out of sight when you’re not using it. Additionally, this mirror is fully portable since it uses batteries. It can also be used with an AC adapter, but you’ll have to have one of those just lying around or buy it separately because it’s not included. You will, however, get batteries to get you started right out of the box. Both the height and angle of the mirror are fully adjustable.



Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror

Conair gets to appear twice on this list because their mirrors are just that good. Like the Floxite mirror, this is another great mirror for dimmer lighting. The light is soft, but it’s not too dim that it’s useless and it’s not blindingly bright either. Like all the best lighted vanity mirrors, this one has the standard 360 degree rotation to flip between the regular mirror and the 7x magnification mirror. This mirror magnifies so much that you may be terrified with what you find on the other side, but that’s hardly the mirrors fault now is it? Overall, the mirror is very stylish with a beautiful bronze finish and a clear, distraction free cord that doesn’t take away from the overall elegance of the appearance. An extra plug outlet is also included in the base.



simplehuman Sensor Mirror

If you’re willing to spend a crap ton of money, then this mirror from simplehuman is the best magnifying mirror with light. The lighting is simply unmatched. It perfectly simulates natural sunlight with the best brightness and color correctness artificial light can provide. The mirror is sensor operated. It will turn on automatically when your face is near and then shut down when nothing is in front of it. It uses surgical grade LED lights which will last for years and years. The entire thing is completely cordless and rechargeable. Luckily, it comes with all the wires necessary for charging, which you’d hopefully expect at such a price point, and once it’s charged up it will hold the charge for up to 5 weeks.

The mirror is distortion free and the best when it comes to brightness and clarity. The height and the angle are fully adjustable, so it’s incredibly comfortable to use at all times. Now here’s where some people may find a flaw in the design. This one does not include a regular view mirror, just a 5x magnification side. However, it’s pretty large at 9 inches and you won’t have a problem viewing your entire head unless it’s abnormally large. While the on/off sensor is pretty cool, some may find it irritating that there’s no button to keep it on. It’ll turn off whenever you move away from it.  Still, this mirror is simply awesome, and if money isn’t an issue, go for it.