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The Best Foundation Palette

Foundation palettes are amazing for numerous reasons. For those of us with skin tones that are difficult to find matches for, a foundation palette will allow us to mix and match until we find something that works. They’re also a fantastic tool if you have skin that changes with every season. For professional makeup artists, the best foundation palette is an absolute necessity. They ensure that you have a color to match whoever you’re applying makeup to. Whatever your reason for needing or wanting one of these, here are some of the best around.


Graftobien HD Foundation Palette

This amazing foundation palette for makeup artists is amazing for everyone, even the non-paid makeup user. It comes with 18 shades, which can be mixed together to create an infinite variety of colors. The palette comes in warm, neutrals or cools. A palette like this is a godsend for anyone who struggles to find the perfect shade of foundation because you really can blend anything to match your skin.

These foundations will give you medium to full coverage. The formula is very thick, so a little bit goes a long way for giving you complete coverage. You can use it for spot covering or use it all over your entire face. The finish of the foundation is matte.

The price may seem steep at first glance, but when you consider everything you get, it’s actually a bargain, especially because the quality of these is so good. This is certainly the best cream foundation palette you’ll find anywhere. The case that everything comes in is really nice and sturdy. It includes a huge, clear mirror as well. [Buy it here]


Ben Nye Professional Matte Foundation Palette

This makeup foundation palette is set up a little different than most, with little pots that can be removed and replaced. Each color is also sold separately so if you run out of one, you’ll be able to buy a replacement. Ben Nye is well known for creating makeup that is perfect for stage performing, but it’s also incredible for having something that will last ages on your face in everyday life.

It’s one of the best foundation palettes because the foundation is so creamy. It’s a really good consistency for blending. The colors are highly pigmented, so you’ll only need a little bit of makeup to achieve full coverage. This set will last for ages. The makeup will feel really light on the skin and provide a medium coverage. It’s buildable, so you can work up to full coverage and get the most natural look. [Buy it here]


Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette

The Cinema Secrets palette is smaller in size than the other foundation makeup palettes on the list, so it’s the perfect choice for personal use. Each palette has 5 colors, but you can choose from a variety of different sets for the palette that has colors that will suit your skin best. At the low price, this is a great cheap foundation palette, used by professionals for television and movies.

The consistency of this foundation is super creamy. It glides on to the skin easily, it’s build able, and the application is sheer, but provides full coverage. Once on the skin, it feels lightweight and natural. It won’t cake or crease on the face, and it’s also water resistant. You can sweat all day in this stuff and it won’t slip off. Like all of the other palettes, only a small amount is needed to get full coverage, so one palette is going to last you for ages. [Buy it here]


Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette

The Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette is the best professional foundation palette on the market and it certainly has a price to go along with that claim. Whether or not you want to go all out and splurge on a foundation makeup palette is really a choice that you have to make on your own. All I can say is that this is a wonderful tool for makeup artists, aspiring makeup artist, or just a makeup lover.

The palette includes both concealers and foundations. On one side you have the concealers and correctors in pretty much every shade you could ask for. On the other side is a huge range of foundation colors. It has everything you could want for face makeup. All of these shades are also sold separately, so you can repurchase the ones you need the most, melt them down and add them into the palette. The foundation contained in the palette are the same as the Bobbi Brown foundation sticks. All of the colors contained are creamy and provide a perfect, natural looking finish. [Buy it here]