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Sigma Premium Makeup Brush Set


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Sigma Premium Makeup Brush Set

This wonderful collection of sigma brushes has fifteen quality brushes for the eyes, the lips, and the face. These are a versatile makeup brush set that will be a perfect addition to any brush collection. This is also a great starter kit for those looking to save money on buying their brushes individually. These are the best makeup brushes to give you everything you need for a perfect and professional look.

Brushes that are included in this set
E10 small eye liner brush for precise application of liner
E15 flat definer for sharp and precise application
E20 short shader for concentrated color application
E25 blending brush for controlled blending
E35 tapered blending for controlled application of crease colors
E45 small taper blending for precise application of crease colors
E50 large fluff for controlled highlighting
F10 powder/blush brush for precise application of blush
F15 duo fibre powder/blush brush for soft application of blush
F20 large powder brush for controlled application of bronzer
F25 tapered face brush for exact placement of product onto cheeks
F35 tapered highlighter brush for subtle highlighting
F65 large concealer brush for concealing large areas of the face and on the body
F75 concealer brush for precise placement of concealer
L05 lip brush for precise application of lip colors.

This is a great makeup brush set that will provide quality application of makeup for a budget price. These brushes perform just as well as professional makeup brushes, but at a price that is affordable for someone who may just be starting out, or learning to use makeup.  It can be costly to buy tons of brushes individually, especially when great ones often cost over 15 dollars for a single brush. However this set is a great deal, bringing the price of each brush to about 5 dollars.

The brushes for the face are soft and apply make like a dream. The brushes make contouring much easier and will not leave a harsh angle on your face, which looks incredibly unattractive. The brushes are everything you will ever need for the perfect eyes. They apply makeup to the full lid, the crease and blend in a way that is great for both professionals, or just those at home who would like to improve their makeup look.

During first cleaning, you may notice that the brushes will lose a bit of hair, but this will stop after they have been cleaned for the first time. The brushes are also very easy to clean, which is important for someone who is intending to use their brushes frequently. Washing the brushes will leave them looking completely new for the next  use.

This makeup brush set also come in a great little pouch so that you can store them away and keep them from getting damaged. This is also great if you plan on traveling with your brushes or simply want to keep your makeup storage area a little bit less cluttered.

Overall these are definitely the best makeup brushes in this price range, or any really. And the money you save versus buying each of your brushes on their own will make this a worth while investment if you’re a makeup lover.