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Shany Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Makeup Brush Set


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Shany Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Makeup Brush Set

The Shany Cosmetics NY Collection makeup brush set  are high quality brushes that have been rinsed in non-toxic chemicals to create an antibacterial finish. These brushes have been treated to create high quality hair. These are the best makeup brushes that will bring you the most perfect makeup results by distributing the right amount of pigments every time. The brushes are a mix of soft and firm hairs so that you get the best of both worlds and they’re perfect for applying different makeup techniques. With 22 brushes, this is certain to round out your makeup brush collection.

The brushes come in a trendy red pouch, and the brushes themselves are red handles to match. The pouch also comes with a small zip storage that can be used to store anything from other beauty accessories, to your favorite makeup that you use for your daily routine.

Brushes included
Large powder brush
Foundation brush
Large due fiber brushes
Concealer brush
Small and large angled brushes
Angled eyeliner brush
Fan brush
Pencil brush
Blending brushes
Shader brush
Liner brushes

This is a great makeup brush set that mixes both natural and synthetic bristles. They are soft, but not so soft that they have issues picking up powders. The softness means that there is no scratchiness when layering or blending your makeup, and they are the best makeup brushes for being used on sensitive skin. With brushes like these you are able to get professional results for a decent price. It’s a one time investment that you won’t regret since you won’t have to buy anything else once you have this set. This set really does come with everything. With 22 brushes, that’s less than 5 bucks per brush, which will save you a lot more money than if you were to go out and buy all of your brushes as singles.

The brushes perform excellently, but they also look really great too, and the case that they are kept in is incredibly stylish and the color is vibrant. Red brushes are a nice departure from boring black brushes. This isn’t the most important thing in the world obviously, but it’s a nice little bonus, and it’s always nice to use tools that not only look good but also feel good. Because the pouch rolls, the brushes stay safe and keep their shape. You won’t have to worry about pulling out your brushes and finding that all of them bristles sticking out in every which way.