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Sephora Deluxe Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set


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Sephora Deluxe Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set

This is a fantastic seven piece makeup brush set that will repel and eliminate bacteria. This makeup brush set will not only leave you looking beautiful, but reduce the risk of infection from improperly cleaned tools. These are professional quality soft synthetic fiber brushes that have been treated in a non-toxic, hypoallergenic compound that will destroy harmful bacteria that tries to settle in the bristles. The brushes come complete with a stylish silver trifold brush case so that you can store your brushes away and keep them protected while also eliminating unnecessary clutter. These are some of the best makeup brushes and come with cute, chic red handles. They’re great, and pretty!

Brushes included
Foundation brush
Concealer brush
Powder brush
Angled eye shadow brush
Lip/eyeliner brush
Eye blender brush
Brow brush/lash comb

These are brilliant, low cost brushes that feel soft and fluffy, but have the ability to hold on to mineral makeups and loose powders. The construction of the brushes is top quality and very beautiful. They are easy to clean, and the antibacterial feature is a definite bonus. It’s good to know that you’ll be safe using these brushes for a long time as long as you continue to care for them. Antibacterial does not mean you should use these over and over without any sort of cleaning.

Like our other favorite brush sets, we think this set is a good deal when you consider how much it costs to buy your brushes individually. This makeup brush set is a low price for high quality, and also doesn’t come with a ton of unnecessary amount of brushes that you would never use. These brushes cover all of the essential makeup basics. If you’re looking for the best makeup brushes in terms of quality brushes that will cover all of your makeup bases, then this is the set for you.

The case is perfect because it is not super bulky, and can easily be toted along for a trip or if you need to bring your brushes anywhere else besides home. Let’s not forget that it’s also incredibly cute and really stylish, It complements the red handles really well, and just looks top notch.

The only downside to this set is that it does not come with a lip brush, however lip brushes are not always a necessity, especially since so many products can be applied on straight from the tube. If you do find a lip brush necessary, there shouldn’t be a problem finding a standalone brush that will do the job.