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Remove Your Makeup without Makeup Remover


Getting your hands on all your favorite makeup can be costly, and who wants to spend any extra money on purchasing different products to remove it? Fortunately, there are tons of things that you can use that you probably already have in your own home to clear your face of any leftover makeup. Here are a few ideas.

Oil is your friend

There are several things that you can use when cleansing your face to remove the makeup completely from the face. One of the most simple things to do is use a bit of honey and oil on your face. Just add a few drops of honey and oil together and rub it all over your face.You’ll be amazed to see your makeup wash away so quickly.

The secret to completely ridding yourself of makeup in a natural way is often oil. Anything from coconut oil to olive oil will do a great job of removing your makeup. You may find that it’s not necessary to buy a makeup remover at all. Oil is also great to use because it won’t irritate your skin or hurt your eyes. It’s a great idea for people who find themselves becoming itchy or dry after using harsher makeup removers.

If you have oily skin and you’re worried about adding even more oil to it, you can do a completely oil free method of the honey mixture with baking soda. Mix together a bit of honey and some baking soda and watch as your makeup disappears.

Maybe you are younger and live at home with your parents, who don’t necessarily want you using their expensive olive oil on your face each night. If oil is out of your reach, vaseline can also do the trick. The best thing about vaseline is that they sell the stuff in small travel sized containers, so you can pop them in your bag and carry them with you through the day to help you fix any makeup mishaps that may occur.

You may already have cleansing wipes in your bathroom and these can be excellent for removing lighter makeup from your face. You may still have a bit of eye makeup left over, in which case, it’s time to turn to our eye makeup removal tips.

Eye makeup removal

Eye makeup can be the most difficult to remove. In order to remove your eye makeup without a special eye makeup remover, you can combine 2 tablespoons of canola oil and one tablespoon of extra olive oil. Use a cotton swab, pad, or a tissue to dab the oil mixture. Now you can use this to wipe off the eye makeup. Rinse your face with cool water when you are finished. A bit of coconut oil is also a great way to get rid of hard to remove water-proof eye makeup.

For hard to remove mascara, a mixture of olive oil and baby oil should do the trick. Baby shampoo on a cotton ball is another excellent way to get rid of mascara. I used to spend what felt like ages scrubbing at my eyes trying to get rid of mascara, when the simple secret was just to use oil. using oils to remove my makeup has really sped up my nightly face washing routine, and I guarantee that it will help speed up yours as well.