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Must Haves – The Best Makeup Brushes

best makeup brushes
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Every girl (or guy!) who loves beauty and makeup has got to have some makeup brushes. The best makeup brushes will greatly enhance the application of your makeup, and give you a much more natural and blended finish. But if you’re not ready to dive into a full on makeup brushes set, you can start out by purchasing some necessary single brushes to get yourself started. Here are the best makeup brushes we think you absolutely must have in your collection.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Foundation brushes are a necessity for a perfect and even application of foundation. No one wants to look like they have cream and powder all over their skin, and a foundation brush will help you achieve a face that looks perfect, yet natural. We love this brush because it can be used all over the face to apply liquid, powder, and cream foundations. This is also a brush that can be used with your setting powder as well. This brush will help you achieve a flawless, streak free finish.
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Sigma F70 Concealer Brush
Sigma has some of the best makeup brushes at really affordable prices, so it’s no surprise that we love their concealer brush. This is the perfect brush for concealing under eye areas and also concealing any small blemishes and discoloration on the face.
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e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Brush
Don’t be thrown off by the really low prices. e.l.f. studio brushes are actually really great and the eyeshadow brush will be a great addition to your makeup brushes set. This brush can be used with both wet and dry products. The bristles of the brush are dense and stiff, so they pick up eyeshadow very well.
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Lancome Blending Shadow Brush
If you have a basic eyeshadow brush, then you definitely need a blending shadow brush to soften and seamlessly blend your shadows. This is also an excellent brush to use if you want to set your concealer around the eyes.
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Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush
We love Kabuki brushes because they do so much. So if there is one brush you should definitely invest in, it’s one of these. This brush will apply powders, bronzers, cheek colors, and blend like crazy. The best part about this brush is that it can retract and you can cover it. This makes it one of the best makeup brushes to pop into your bag for makeup touchups on the go. You’ll be able to store it away without worrying about it becoming damaged. We love it!
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Bare Escentuals Eyeliner Brush
This brush is fine and tight for applying a thin and precises line with your liner. Even if you have shakey hands, this brush will give you a nice professional straight line. An eyeliner brush is a must have for applying cream, gel, or powder eyeliners.
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