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Mac Makeup Brushes Alternatives

Everyone loves Mac makeup brushes. They are incredible quality, and do a brilliant job at applying makeup. But they are also incredibly expensive, and buying a few of them can really burn a hole in your purse. Not everyone can afford to invest in Mac makeup brushes, but fortunately there are other fantastic makeup brush brands out there that make great quality brushes. Some of them can even be considered duplicates for Mac brushes. Here are four brands that you can get for a price that won’t make you cringe and recoil.


Sigma Brushes
This is the number one makeup brush brand that people turn to when they are looking for something just like Mac without the price tag. Most people who have used sigma brushes insist that their brushes are pretty much the same thing at a fraction of the cost. Sigma brushes are handmade, and high quality. You can find a wide variety of brush styles and shapes, and you’ll definitely be able to find an alternative for any Mac brushes you’ve been coveting. We’ve talked about and reviewed Sigma makeup brushes here


crown brush
Crown Brushes

These are another brand of brushes that have been compared to Mac brushes. They are also a lot more affordable, and even less costly than Sigma brushes. Crown has a really great selection of makeup brushes and you should be able to find a brush for any of your needs for a great value. A lot of people who have used Crown brushes have claimed that they enjoy them more than Mac brushes because they are so similar and they didn’t spend nearly as much as they did for their Mac brushes. If you can get the same thing for less, then why pay more?


Real Techniques
These makeup brushes are becoming huge on the internet, and it’s well deserved. They are really great brushes at high quality and affordable prices. One of the great things about these brushes is that there are tons of videos from Real Techniques that will guide you on how to use them. If you want really high quality brushes that give you professional results, but you aren’t willing to spend Mac brush prices, Real Techniques is a great brush brand to try. Their brushes are also really versatile in that one brush can often do multiple things for you. You’d be amazed with everything you can use something like the expert face brush for. I wouldn’t call these Mac Dupes, however I would say in terms of quality similarities, these are a really great alternative.