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How to Use Makeup Brushes

how to use makeup brushes

Learning how to use makeup brushes is really simple. You don’t have to be a masterful painter to pick up the skill. All it takes is a bit of practice and a familiarity with your individual brushes. Below are some tips on how to use the most commonly used makeup brushes so that you can create a natural look for yourself everyday.

How to use a foundation brush
Start by squirting a bit of your foundation onto the back of your hand. This will allow you to better control how much makeup you get on to your brush. Dab your flat foundation brush into the makeup. You want to start with a little bit of makeup and then built up. It’s easier to apply more and more makeup than it is to go backwards once you’ve put too much on.

Use your foundation brush to apply the makeup on to the areas of your face that need coverage in a downward motion. This will give you a natural and streak free look. Do not sweep the brush up and down like you’re painting a house. For a full coverage, sweep downwards along your forehead, cheaks, nose, and chin. Start from the center and work your way outward.

How to use a concealer brush
Using a concealer brush is really quite simple. A concealer brush is best used for applying the concealer to the imperfections and blemishes on your face rather than using it to paint the makeup on. Dip your brush into your concealer and get it on both sides. Apply it to the areas that need it and then switch over to your fingers. Use your fingers to gently dab and blend the concealer into your skin.

How to use a powder brush
The next step after applying your foundation and your concealer is to use powder to set it. This will ensure that your makeup stays in place, gets a natural matte finish, and lasts much longer. Gently dab your fluffy powder brush into your powder makeup. Tap the brush to remove any excess makeup. Sweep the powder over your face from the center and outward.

How to use an eyeshadow brush
Eyeshadow brushes are usually the most scary brushes to learn about since there are so many of them. Use a basic eyeshadow brush to sweep the lid color all over from the inner eye to the outer eye. A smaller crease brush is used to apply the makeup inside the crease of the eye to the outer corner of the eye and create depth and definition. Fluffy blender brushes can be used to blend the colors that are already placed in the eye. This will create a smoother finish and eliminate harsh lines. It’s a good idea to make sure that your blender brush is clean of other colors before using it because you don’t want to end up with a muddy finish.

How to use a blush brush
Blush is tricky because so many people either use too much of it, or they apply it to the wrong spot. It’s actually better to create a fish kind of face to see where your apples are then to smile. Smiling will lift your cheeks and you may end up applying the blush lower than intended. Like with powder, you’ll want to lightly sweep your fluffy blush brush and then tap it to remove the excess makeup. Start with a small amount. Too much blush can leave you looking clownish. Sweep the blush onto the apples of your cheek and then outward along your cheekbone. Sometimes I like to use an angled brush to have more control and create definition. The choice is yours.

Once you have learned a few things from all of the basic brushes, picking up some other brushes will be quite simple since it’s all more of the same. Just remember not to get turned off if you don’t know what you’re doing at first. As cliche as it sounds, practice is the only thing that will make you better!