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Bdellium Tools Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set


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Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brush Set

These Bdellium Tools brushes are a perfect makeup brush set made for impeccable makeup application. all of the brushes are hand crafted from high quality materials. The brushes are made from premium quality fibers and they have black lacquered wood handles giving them both a stylish look and a comfortable grip. All the brush bristles have been treated with an antibacterial agent so that your brushes are always safe to use. Not only are these some of the best makeup brushes for application, but your skin will be preserved and stay safe from any unwanted nasties. The brushes come in a black roll up storage train pouch. The interior of the pouch is brown.

Brushes included
#980M Natural powder brush
#964M All purpose blusher brush
#955M Finish brush
$948M Foundation brush
#942M Slanted contour brush
#785M Tapered blending brush
#780M Pencil
#778M Large shadow brush
#772M Small shader brush
#763M Angled brow brush
#710M Eye liner brush
#540M Precision liner brush

This is an amazing makeup brush set with brushes that have a similar quality to the great sigma brushes. Some even say that they are better than sigma brushes. They really are some of the best makeup brushes. These brushes are soft and the hairs do not come frayed, which could definitely be a nightmare if you are looking for a precise makeup application.

The bristles on these brushes are very good and many customers have reported that there has been no shedding even after several uses. If you have any experience with using makeup brushes, then you know how important it is that the brushes do not shed. You do not want your brushes to leave behind hairs on your otherwise perfect face. The handles on the brushes are excellent. The polished look gives them a luxury feel and they are very light and easy to handle. The lightness doesn’t take away from the fact that the brushes feel very high quality, which they are!

The one con of these brushes are that if you’re not a professional you may have issues remembering which brushes are which because they are not labeled with brush functions on the side. The brushes do include the brush number, however it might seem like a bit of effort to have to look up which brush correlates with the numbers each time until you’ve memorized them all . On the other hand, that does not take away from how good these brushes are, it’s simply a minor inconvenience. If you are looking for the best makeup brushes at a bargain price, these are a good choice.