All About The Beauty Blender Sponge

Makeup brushes are amazing, but there is one alternative to brushes that is really incredible for application of foundation and that’s a beauty blender sponge. These sponges are a really good thing to use if you don’t enjoy applying foundation with a brush. These things can give you really precise blending for a finish that looks natural. This is also a great option for those looking for something longer lasting than the average makeup sponge.

So what exactly is a beauty blender sponge?
These sponges are fantastic egg shape, reusable makeup applicators and blenders. The shape allows you to apply your makeup with an airbrush finish. Because it is rounded rather than square or rectangular, you will be able to use it to perfectly blend the makeup on your face without any streaks. It won’t leave you with any sharp edges, and it won’t leave you with any streakiness. This thing can give you the perfect and precise blending you’ve always wanted for the perfect complexion.

The beauty blender can be used wet. When dampened, the sponge expands and becomes softer. It’s easy to use, and you won’t end up with a cakey, unnatural finish to your foundation. The top of the beauty blender is thinner and pointed. This is perfect for applying makeup to more difficult locations like around the nose, around the eyes, and around the mouth. The versatile shape means you’ll be able to hit every angle and corner of your face and you won’t miss any spots.

Figuring out how to use a beauty blender is quite simple, and you’ll probably be able to master the use of it after your first go. All that you have to do is dampen the sponge in water and then squeeze all of the extra moisture out. Then dip the sponge into a bit of the product you’ll be applying, and stipple it all over your face, or in the areas you want to cover. Then use the rounded area to blend the makeup around the face for a professional and perfect finish. The beauty blenderĀ  is reusable, so when you’re finished getting your makeup on, wash it thoroughly and then set it out to dry. That’s it!

You can find the beauty blender on Amazon for a bit of a price discount than it’s sold at most beauty retailers. Most people who have purchased and used a beauty blenderĀ  have said that it has completely changed the way their foundation looks on their face. It’s also great for blending in concealer, and other face covering makeup like tinted moisturizer and BB cream. There isn’t much of a learning curve with these sponges. It’s incredibly easy to use them straight out of the box. You’ll be able to have the smooth yet effortless look you’ve always wanted. Check them out here.

Knock offs of the beauty blender are available for a much cheaper price, however I wouldn’t really recommend them. The knockoff blenders are often too dense, too rough, and simply don’t blend the makeup in the way the real deal does. Some of the dupes are incredibly hard, and won’t loosen up even when they have been soaked in water. This also makes them way more difficult to clean. They may be less expensive, but they don’t get the job done the way the real thing does. It’s better to make the investment to get a good product that you know will do exactly what you want it to, and last a long time.