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A Simple Guide to Types of Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are overwhelming. There are so many different types of makeup brushes, shapes, and sizes, and if you’ve never use them before, you may find yourself looking at pictures online, or standing in a beauty store completely baffled. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you identify the basic makeup brushes that you should have in your makeup kit.

Foundation Brush
Foundation brushes are designed to give you flawless foundation application and finish. One of the best ways to use this kind of brush is to dampen it with warm water and then squeeze out the extra water. Doing this will help you evenly distribute your foundation. A classic foundation brush has a paddle-like shape and they can be used to apply liquid, creams, powders, and mineral foundation. The biggest downside to this sort of brush is that they can cause streaking. Which leads to…

Stippling Brush
These can also be used for applying foundation and gives a much more air brush style finish to your face. They blend amazingly well, so if you want perfect foundation application, this is one of the greatest kinds of makeup brushes to have.

Concealer Brush
A concealer brush is soft bristled and flat. It is used to apply concealer under the eyes, and to other problem areas such as discolored spots and redness.

Powder Brush
These are big, fluffy, thick brushes that are used to apply setting powder to your face and make sure everything is well blended. These brushes can also be used to apply bronzer. When using these makeup brushes be sure to shake out the excess powder before applying to your skin so you don’t end up with big clumps of caked on makeup.

Kabuki Brush
Kabuki brushes are really versatile brushes that can be used to apply your setting powder, or even blush. Some even enjoy using their kabuki brush to blend their liquid foundation for an airbrush finish.

Fan Brush
These are the most confusing makeup brushes for some. Most people will look at this brush and go, “huh,” and never buy one since they don’t know what they are supposed to be used for. Fan brushes are simply another great brush for dusting a light amount of powder onto the skin. These are also wonderful brushes to use to dust off any excess powder that has fallen onto the skin, especially dust that accumulates from applying eyeshadow.

Blush Brush
Blush brushes have gentle fibers in a rounded shape for perfect application of color to the cheeks. They are generally smaller than a powder brush so that you have more control over where the color goes.

Angled Brush/Contour Brush
These brushes are shaped for perfectly contouring the face. Some people also enjoy using this to apply blush. Using this kind of brush will give your face a sculpted and defined finish.

Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeshadow brushes are shaped to smoothly apply all over color to the eyes.
They come in many different sizes to fit whatever you need them to do for you. Angled eyeshadow brushes can be used to apply color to the crease and other areas of the eye with more control.

Blending Eye Shadow Brush
These brushes are used to blend out your eye colors and give you a seamless, natural look. These are also great to use if you are applying multiple colors to your eye and you want a smooth transition between the different colors.

Eyeliner Brush
Flat eyeliner brushes will allow you to apply liner to the lash line. A fine point eye liner brush will allow to apply liquid and gel liners. These kinds of brushes will allow you to create a perfect line in one stroke after some practice. Many will use an angled eyeliner brush to apply powders to fill in their brows.

Spooly brushes can be used for grooming the eyebrows and eyelashes. I often like to use my spooly if I find that my mascara is clumping. This helps to separate the lashes and make them look more natural.

Brush and Comb
This is one of those types of makeup brushes that completely baffles people when they first see them. These makeup brushes are also for grooming the brows. The comb will help smooth out your brows before applying powders, and the brush will blend the powder or pencil for a natural eyebrow look.

Lip Brush
Lip brushes are great for helping you control the application of the lip color. You’ll be able to fill in your lips without getting the color all over the skin around your mouth.